Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

COVID-19 Pandemic


Thursday 31st December 2020


Dear Members,

Further to the information on the cancellation of swimming training until further notice,  Please can you try and cancel your Standing Orders immediately for January Fees. Fees can then be reinstated once we can start training again. We understand it may be late notice and if you are unable to do this then we will look at reimbursing any payments for non training.

Thank you everyone and Happy New Year,

Kind Regards,

WASC Committee


Wednesday 30th December 2020


Dear Members, 

Due to Northamptonshire moving into Tier 4 from tomorrow, it means that unfortunately leisure centres must close, therefore swimming training is cancelled until further notice.

The committee will be reviewing fees and looking at adjustments to reflect the lockdown closures and will be in contact with further information.

For now please Stay at home, Stay safe and follow Government guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year when restrictions are eased and swimming can once again commence.

If you have any questions my contact is: Covid19@wasc.info  

Thank you for your continued support, 

Kind Regards

Lucy Williamson (COVID-19 Lead)


Wednesday 23rd December 2020


Hi Everyone, I am emailing with the unfortunate news that Northamptonshire is moving into Tier 3. This means that Over 18s cannot attend training with the club following Government and Swim England restrictions. This will start from the 26th December therefore seniors who are over 18 cannot attend the Christmas training. We will keep you updated as we move into the New Year on whether these restrictions change or if there are any updates from Swim England.

If you have any questions please email Covid19@wasc.info

Kind Regards, Lucy Williamson (Covid-19 Lead)


Sunday 1st November 2020


Following the government announcement that leisure facilities are to close from Thursday 5th of November...
All training and lessons will continue as normal, with our final sessions taking place on Wednesday evening.
Thank you all for the hard work and resilience you have shown through the last three months of training. We will be in touch as soon as we know more about when we can resume.

Effective Sunday 6th September 2020


Trimetable by Squad


Timetable by Day


Saturday 22nd August 2020


Video: Return to Training - Rushden Splash Pool


Sunday 16th August 2020


Video: Return to Training - Waendel Leisure Centre


Monday 10th August 2020


Timetable by Squad


Timetable by Day


Walkthrough videos at both Waendel and Rushden are in production and will be ready before the end of the week.


You MUST have completed your Health Form via SwimClub Manager else you will not be able to swim. If you need another link or require any assistance completing the form please email Oli at o.coleman@wasc.info.


Wednesday 22nd July 2020


COVID-19 Update


Dear Members,


We would like all our members to be aware that during the shutdown period, the WASC management committee have been working behind the scenes to allow for a quick and safe return to training.

Our activities have included, but not been limited to the following:


~ Appointment of a Covid 19 co-ordinator “Lucy Williamson”.

~ Formation of a Covid 19 sub-committee focus group.

~ Meetings of both main committee & the Covid 19 team.

~ Discussions with Waendel leisure centre management.

~ Communication with other facilities, Scott Bader, Oundle & Rushden pools.

~ Attendance at Swim England Covid 19 management conferences.

~ Presence at Swim England coaching meetings.

~ Reviewing of the Swim England Covid 19 guidance document.

~ Compilation of Covid 19 risk assessments.


We continue to discuss the return to swimming with our main provider at Waendel and hope to have ! further updates early next week, but their initial thoughts are that we will not commence training before 10th August.


There are some key activities we need to discuss including access to the pool, numbers of swimmers in a lane, use of changing rooms & toilets, periods for Covid 19 cleaning of the facilities, no sharing of the pool with other users, etc. all of which will have an impact on our activities and need agreement by all parties.


We hope to give you further updates shortly.


Kind regards


Craig Brown


Attached is a summary from the Covid Committe and feedback from the Survey that has been carried out. Please complete this if you haven't yet done so.


Tueday 30th June 2020


Moving forward during these unprecedented times, we are now looking at how we can make a safe
return to the pool using guidance from Swim England and collaboration with pool providers.
All swimming clubs are required to have a Covid 19 Lead to oversee that procedures and processes are
put in place to ensure paramount safety.

Who is the WASC Covid Lead?

Lucy Williamson has been appointed to this position and can be contacted through email if you have
any questions regarding Covid 19 and returning to swimming -

How will risks be managed when returning to swimming?

Risk assessments will take place to ensure safety is the priority using a consistent and robust approach.
This will evolve over time depending on the current guidance given.
The aim is to minimise potential risks through a planned, thought out approach. The Covid 19 Lead will
liaise with the WASC committee and Covid 19 sub-committee to ensure it is well managed and

When can we return to the swimming pool?

There is currently no set date for leisure centres to open, however we are requesting that every member
completes a survey. You should have received this through email from Swim Club Manager. This will
help us to establish who will be returning to swimming, your thoughts and any concerns you may have.
Even when leisure centres re-open, we will still need to establish when the club can return, and it may
take place in a phased return.


What will training look like when we return?

There will be a limit on pool bathing capacity meaning that training times and squad structure may have
to be adjusted to accommodate social distancing and the number of swimmers attending.
Training sets during sessions will be adapted by the coaches to minimise risks using Swim England


How will social distancing be enforced?

Swimmers will be within a set bubble of swimmers sharing a lane each session. There will be guidance
on getting in and out of the pool. Coaches and poolside helpers will be socially distanced.
Will changing rooms be open?
We are currently in discussion with the pool providers on how the facilities such as changing rooms and
toilets will be provided. Initially it could mean attending training already changed for swimming.

What equipment can I bring to training?

Swimmers must only bring essential items to minimise the amount of equipment on poolside. Coaches
will inform swimmers what they need to bring to each session.
Equipment must have been cleaned prior to and after training.

What do I do if I don’t feel very well?

You must not attend training if you have any symptoms of Covid 19
• Fever
• New, persistent, dry cough
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of taste or smell
• Diarrhoea or vomiting
• Muscle aches not related to sport/training


I have underlying health conditions?


Swim England guidance recommends that swimmers should take advice from their GP regarding
returning to swimming.
We will require a signed disclaimer from parents to understand any risks involved and everyone
returning to the club will be required to complete a short health survey.




It is with the uppermost importance that high levels of safeguarding are maintained and the well-being
of all is essential.
There will be changes to swimming life and we want to ensure that returning to swimming can be as
positive and uncomplicated as possible during this time. We aim to keep you informed and updated,
and please contact us if you have any further questions.


Friday 20th March 2020


RE: Training

To all WASC parents & swimmers:


Since our recent announcement less than 48 hours ago, many factors have changed in this very fast moving situation.


The WASC committee have been working hard behind the scenes speaking to our volunteers, our neighbouring clubs, our pool providers and other suppliers. Following a vote yesterday evening, we have taken the decision to postpone all training for the foreseeable future. The final session will be held on Saturday morning and our pool providers have agreed to cancel our rental agreements from Sunday onwards.


We will continually monitor the situation, as I am sure all of you will be, and we will give you updates when they become available.


We are entering into unknown territory and it is important to us that you all stay safe during this unprecedented period for our club and our Country.


Thank you for your continued support and please, please take care.


WASC Committee 



RE: Payments

To all WASC parents & swimmers:


Following our announcement regarding the postponement of all training, we would like to confirm the following.


To support our members at this difficult time, WASC will be offering all members a payment break during the postponement of training. It is the responsibility of the person making the monthly payments to cancel their standing order before the next payment is due on 1st April, once payment is made we will not be making any refunds. WASC has a very small volunteer finance team and we do not intend to increase their workload having to administer refunds for those who have not taken the necessary action themselves.


We confirm that all current members will be offered their place back at the club, following our return to training, and no re-enrolment fee will be applied.    


We hope this decision will help our membership during this turbulent period.


Thank you for your continued support and stay safe.


WASC Committee 


Thursday 19th March 2020


Swim England FAQs


Wednesday 18th March 2020


To all WASC parents & swimmers:


Due to the ongoing uncertainty caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, we would confirm that all Waendel based training sessions and lessons will continue until further notice.


Training at Oundle has already been cancelled and the Scott Bader pool have now closed until further notice.


We are reviewing the movement of Scott Bader pool users to other sessions at Waendel and they will hear via separate communication.


Currently we have 3 of our main squad coaches in isolation, so there may be different coaches present during your training, and we trust all coaches will be given the respect and support they deserve.


We are entering unknown territory and the situation is likely to change very quickly, so please keep viewing the website for updates.


Thank you for your continued support and please take care.


WASC Committee


Tuesday 17th March 2020


Swim England Statement

British Swimming Statement (Events)


Monday 16th March 2020


Swim England Statement (Events)


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