Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Age For Swimming Competitions

The ASA law concerning the age at which swimmers may compete means that some young swimmers will not be able to swim for the Club or, if chosen to swim, will only be permitted to swim in relay events.  From 1st September 2007:

For each category the age specified shall be the age of the swimmer at midnight on the day of the event or the final day of a series of events forming part of one competition whichever is later.

No minimum age -                  Events restricted to members of one club.

8 years -                                  Inter-club events limited to not more than eight clubs
which do not form part of a series of events as in a league.

9 years  -         Open events, other than in Regional and National Competitions. Relay events in Regional Competitions.

10 years  -       Individual events in Regional Competitions.

                        Relay events in National Competitions.

11 years  -       Individual events in National Competitions.


The age of a swimmer at midnight on 31st December in the year of competition is no longer used in the determination of a swimmers age with reference to the minimum ages of competition for any swimming competition.

"A series of events forming part of one competition" does not allow competitions to be linked.

The two, three or four rounds of a team competition are minimum ages as per the date of the last round. 

However if the results lead onto another competition, then this is NOT part of one competition and the minimum date of the second competition cannot be used for the first competition.