Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club



The WASC Committee elects each year, two captains, and two vice captains, to represent swimmers on the committee and to act as leaders within the club.

If you have any issues with swimming, need someone to talk to, or would like to suggest a way in which the club could progress forward, speaking to a captain would be a great start!


WASC Captains 2020-21:


Men's Captain Ladies' Captain Men's Vice-Captain Ladies' Vice-Captain
Luke Phillips Holly Moultrie Noah Wrightson Isobel Young


Selection of captains


The WASC Committee has agreed a new procedure for the appointment of captains. Members will now be invited to register their interest in the role, and write a short statement explaining their suitability each September. The committee will then consider all the applications in detail at their October meeting, and elect the candidates whom they believe are best suited to the job. 


Click for application form.


What is the role of a captain?


The ASA provided guidance on all volunteer roles a few years ago and published the "Good Club Guide" describing the duties and responsibilities that each job entails. They describe the role of the captain in their guide:

"The Club Captain provides a central point of contact, and is the vital link, for athletes within the club. The role of the Club Captain is to represent the views of the athletes and contribute to the development of the club by providing thoughts and comments from an athlete perspective."


Click here to download a copy of the Good Club Guide: Club Captains.

Click here to download the official WASC Club Captains and Vice Captains Job description. 


 Updated 15/01/2021 (MM)