Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

WASC Internal Disputes & Complaints Procedure

1.   Purpose

1.1   To enable WASC to manage disputes from within the membership and complaints from external parties.

2.   Scope

2.1   The procedure applies to internal disputes as well as to complaints originating from outside e.g. suppliers, general public, pool operator.

2.2   The procedure is intended to cover those circumstances that are not appropriate to,or fully circumscribed by ASA Law. The procedure however, does have a requirement to follow current ASA Judicial Guidelines for Handling Internal Club Disputes and the Code Of Ethics as well as other relevant guidelines and protocols.

2.3   The existence of this procedure demonstrates compliance with ASA General Law 308.

2.4   The procedure does not cover complaints from anonymous sources.

3.   Definitions

3.1   In this procedure the word "complaint" is used in its general sense as opposed to formal "Complaints" and " Protests" refered to In ASA Judicial Law. It should be noted that for internal club matters, the ASA uses the word "Disputes".

4.   Description

4.1   Complaints communicated to the Club by whatever means, shall  be logged along with relevant details and brought to the attention of the Committee Officers as quickly as possible.

4.2   An "Owner" shall be assigned to deal with the complaint, and an early acknowledgement sent to the complainant that the matter is being looked into.

4.3   Depending on the severity of the complaint, the Owner shall seek appropriate assistance aiming to resolve the matter expeditiously and satifying the complainant.

4.4   Should the Owner experience exceptional difficulty in gaining a speedy resolution then the circumstances must immediately be refered to the Club Chairman and Officers without delay.

4.5   Adequate records of events, dates, times, interchanges and correspondence will be kept while the complaint is being managed.

4.6   Upon the satisfactory resolution of a complaint/dispute, the complainant is to be notified in writing at the earliest opportunity.

4.7   The outcome of the management of the complaint will be reported to and and briefly reviewed in committee. At this stage "closure" of the complaint will be deemed to have taken place.

4.8   Throughout the process every effort shall be made to identify any features of the complaint that are likely to give rise to a re-occurrence.

4.9   Brief details of the complaint/dispute and its outcome will be kept on file.

5.   References

5.1   Extracts of ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules also Code of Ethics, Guidelines to Competition and Prompt Cards.