Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Diary of Events - 2020*


To see any details about the event you are looking for, scroll though the calendar and click it.  You should then see either the entry ages or the results for that event, depending on whether it has taken place or not.  Some of you may prefer the list in a more condensed format, An offline version of this calendar can be found here for download

You can alter the view of this calendar by clicking the "Week / Month / Agenda" tabs. 

To create your own a pdf of the Google calendar, click 'print' then choose the date range you need, then select 'save as...'.  You can then open the generated pdf file and save it to your own pc.

If you have a google account, you can Click google link to add this calendar to your own device, this will mean you are always up to date, even if the dates change.  This works perfectly from most mobile devices.


 * Subject to change without notice







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If you have any thoughts about his calendar, or wish to see some additional information, contact the Webmaster@wasc.info and get it sorted.





Updated 16/02/20 (MM)