Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Late Collection of Children


Parents/Carers are advised that WASC ‘duty of care’ only covers the duration of they child’s training session.  For away galas, WASC ‘duty of care’ ends on the return of the transport/bus/coach.  Parents/Carers are advised that it is not the responsibility of WASC volunteers/coaches and team managers to transport children home on behalf of parents/carers who have been delayed.  For galas, parents MUST provide two alternative contact names or numbers for WASC volunteers to use when they are not available on their usual number.


Failure to collect children with in a reasonable period of a given time without notifying WASC may be considered abandonment and the relevant authorities will be informed.  Appropriate action as accordingly advised will then be followed.

In the case of late collection WASC volunteers:-




  • Attempt to contact the child’s parent/carer on their contact number
  • Use alternative contact name/number if necessary
  • Wait with the child, with other WASC volunteers present if at all possible
  • Remind parents/carers of the policy relating to late collection

If a child is not collected within in a reasonable period of time after the specified time and WASC has not had notification from the parents/carer, then this may be considered abandonment and should contact the Police and Social Services.




Should Not

  • Take the child home or to any other location.
  • Send the child home with another person without permission from a parent/carer.
  • Ask the child to wait in a vehicle with them alone


Parents Must

  • Provide two emergency contact numbers for WASC use when necessary
  • Make note of the contact numbers provided by WASC
  • Contact WASC  immediately if it is known they will be late in collecting their child/children and inform them of alternative arrangements.