Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Learn to swim

WASC offer a variety of lessons, ranging from the 'Complete Beginner' progressing through to 'Improvers' and then onto 'Advanced Improvers'.  We teach to a competitive standard so that all our swimmers are qualified to a standard required to enter into the Club, should they wish to do so.

Lessons are held in terms that coincide with the academic term, this is usually around 12 weeks.

All lessons are held at Waendel Leisure Centre, Wellingborough.   


Which Days? and How Long?

Sunday or Monday, depending on the learning stage.


Monday Lessons  - 5 Slots of 30 minutes starting at 6pm (slot 5 starts at 8pm)

Slot 1 is for 'Beginner level 1'

Slot 2 is for 'Beginner level 2'

Slot 3 is for 'Beginner level 3'

Slot 4 is for 'Beginner level 4' 

Slot 5 is for 'Improvers'


Sunday Lessons - 45 minutes starting at 5pm

This lesson is for 'advanced improvers'


How Much?

Prices depend on the length of the term.  Our 2013 prices for 12 weeks of 30 minute lessons cost £42 per term (per swimmer), payable before the term commences.


Who can learn?

Children from 5 years+ (Year 1 onwards)


To what Level?

All students are taught to competitive standard equivalent to ASA levels 1 - 8


Who do I contact? 

If you would like to add your child to our waiting list, please  Email us at WASClessons@hotmail.co.uk and be sure to include the following information:

- Swimmer name

- Swimmer date of birth

- home address

- contact email address 

- contact phone number 

If you could also let us know the current level of swimming, this would help us decide whether we need to assess them before the start of term.  Please don't worry if they have not had any swimming teaching before, but for those that have, it is important we start them at the appropriate level.

If you dont have access to Email, please contact the club secretary - Jean Thomas on 01933 226649.


 Can I help out on poolside?

WASC are always looking for budding teachers / poolside helpers, so speak to the swimming coach about volunteering your services.





Updated 22/01/14