Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

WASC Procedure for Control of information to the media including the Internet (WWW)

1.   Purpose  

1.1   To ensure the safety, privacy and dignity of WASC members.

2.   Scope

2.1   This procedure embraces all information (including graphic images) for intended release to the media, for promotional publications and posting on the Club's website.

2.2   The procedure is primarily for use by the Club's Press Officer, Website Editor (Webmaster) and Secretary.

3.   Background

3.1   It has always been Club policy to provide press releases indicating the results and achievements of our swimmers.

3.2   With the advent of the Internet it is recognised that this growing medium has lots of advantages for communicating information and ideas, and WASC are committed to protecting our members from unwelcome aspects of the Web.

4.   Description

4.1   WASC will at all times follow the guidelines prepared by the ASA Child Protection Working Party.

4.2   The WASC Website will not include photographs which show full length images of chidren in swimwear.

4.3   Ensure that if possible, photographs are group shots. If this is not possible then only head & shoulder, fully-clothed or action shots of individuals will be used.

4.4   No names will appear with a photograph.

4.5   Profiles on WASC members will only be used with the permission of  the person concerned, and for those under 18 with the permission of their parents. The information included in the profile will be carefully selected - PB's, best event, medals won, favourite TV programmes etc.

4.6   No reference to where WASC members go to school or work will be included.

4.7   No reference to WASC members'  postal addresses, E-mail addresses or telephone numbers will be included.

4.8   No links to chat lines will be included on the Club's Website.

4.9   Any contact details for Club officers will  only be given with their permission.

4.10   Video recordings will only be used for training purpose and will be securely stored or erased.

4.11   Individual consent forms (WASC Form #) pertaining to to the dissemmination and usage of information and images of Club members will be made available. These records will be managed and controlled by the Club Secretary.

4.12   Review of candidate material for the Club's Website will be the responsibility of the Website Editor/ Webmaster.

5.   References

5.1   ASA Child Protection Working Party Guidelines.

5.2   Extracts of ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules also Code of Ethics, Guidelines to Competition and Prompt Cards.