Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

The WASC Newsletter


The WASC Newsletter has been at the heart of the club for decades. The monthly roundup of swimming information waa first created by Sandra Starkey in 1995, who served as editor for 18 years, producing 201 copies of the Newsletter. Teresa Pack then took on the role producing 40 editions, before retiring the job. Our current editor is now Caroline Wrightson, who spends many hours a month compiling pictures and information in to a very proffesionally styled document.

We are currently compiling an archive of Newsletters, which we'd like to share with you. Many of them act as time capsules, giving a very interesting insight in to the workings of the club in times gone by.


If you have any information you'd like to place in the newsletter, or are a budding journalist who might like to offer Caroline some editorial assistance, please email newsletter@wasc.info


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Updated: 10/08/2019 (MM)