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Food & Drink


As a general rule you do not want a stomach full of food when you dive in!  Give yourself plenty of time to digest your meal.  Do make sure you drink during the day as well as at training and galas.


On a gala day, have a meal three to four hours before the gala.  If nerves get to you and you feel you can't eat, have a sports drink, milk, squash or fruit juice.  Or try fruit yoghurt.  Just as you don't want a full stomach, you don't want to be hungry either.


You do not need to eat during short evening galas, but you do need to drink - see below.


If you go to a day long competition you will need to top up.  Snack on things that will give you energy, try something from the list below:


*      Bananas

*      Raisins or dried fruit

*      Grapes

*      Sandwiches - banana / jam / honey / peanut butter.

*      Cereal

*      Cereal bars

*      Jacket potatoes

*      Jelly cubes

*      Pasta / rice / noodles

*      Crispbread or rice cakes

*      Popcorn

*      Pop tarts

*      Buns - all sorts - plain, currant.

*      Fruit yoghurt


Take your own food with you to a gala, that way you always have what you want, and do not have to "make do" with what is available.


DON'T FORGET TO DRINK!  Have a drink with your meal, and sip throughout your time at a competition or training.  Most poolside bottles hold enough liquid for one hour of training.  If you take yours home half-full you are not drinking enough.  Being dehydrated can make you feel tired, or give you a headache among other symptoms that prevent you training or swimming well. .  By the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated. Those of you who "never feel thirsty" still need to sip your drink throughout training!


Try making your own "sports drinks".  Dilute:

Pure orange juice and water in equal parts.

Ribena one part to 10 parts water.

Cola and water in equal parts.




What you eat is what you are!  Have a look at the links below to see the sort of food that will help you perform well.


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