Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Personal Benefits

If you are interested, contact any member of the committee and let us know what interests you, how much time you can give and what you would like to get involved with.  The workforce coordinator will then give you a booklet and information sheet to complete.

How do we make sure our swimmers are safe?

All volunteers who work directly with swimmers undergo an induction process. Additionally, they are vetted by Swim England and the Disclosure and Barring Service and attend a Swim England approved Child Protection Course. This covers the main policies of the club, health and safety arrangements and your training and insurance needs.


Who sort of training do we offer?

Formal Training

The club provides two main types of training opportunities.

  • Teaching/coaching. We will financially assist anyone willing to take their Swim England teaching or coaching qualification and will help them find suitable courses. - leading to Swim England qualifications for club helper, assistant Teacher, Teacher. If you want to go further, we can offer opportunities to do your Coaches qualification. We can also help you to attend workshops and seminars on a wide variety of swimming related topics.
  • Officiating - The club offers qualifications for timekeepers, judges and starters and can arrange for you to go on to do referees examinations.

Informal training

We can let you work alongside an experienced teacher or coach to gain experience before you go onto the next level of qualification.

We also try to pair you up with someone who will act as a mentor - a first point of contact if you need support or have questions.

Can I afford it?

Volunteering need cost you nothing but your time.....this is especially true of the committee posts. The Club will pay your Swim England membership for being a committee member and also any legitimate out of pocket expense on presentation of a receipt to the Treasurer.

If you want to teach, the club will assist with the cost of courses, dependent upon the club's financial situation.

For officials exams the club will try to pay the whole of the costs.

What sort of support can I expect?

Our helpers always work under the supervision of a teacher/coach. Our club head coach and other coaches are always on hand to offer support; you will not be left on your own. Teachers, once qualified, are allowed to work independently but you will not be expected to do so until we think you are confident.

Officials can gain practical experience by working alongside a qualified official, until ready to take the practical exam. We will also offer you a mentor (who may or may not be one of the people you are working with- the choice is yours) if you decide this would be helpful.

Other useful documents you might want to read

The Club Welcome Pack

Club Equity Policy

Club Child Protection Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Code of Ethics and Conduct

All of the above are available on this website or you can ask a committee member/workforce coordinator for a copy.


Who do I contact?

Ask any committee member who will arrange for you to discuss it with the Workforce Coordinator, you can also contact our Chairman, using the Contact Form (to the left of this page) who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Or contact our Head Coach at Headcoach@wasc.info who will be happy to provide all details.





Update 06/06/20 (MM)