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Northamptonshire ASA is part of Swim England East Midland Region. SEEMR (formely EMASA) hold Long Course Regional Championships in May each year, with one weekend at Corby for age groups 10 - 13, and a second weekend at Ponds Froge, Sheffield, for age groups 14 and over. 

The Short Course Championships, held around November time in Nottingham, are joint with the West Midland Region - and hence called the 'Midland Championships'. Open Water Championships are also held each summer as part of the Midlands.

All information regarding East Midland Championships can be found here: www.emswimchamps.org.uk/

Information about SEEMR can be found here: www.swimming.org/EastMidland/

Midland Championship information: www.midlandchampionships.org.uk/


 Converting Times


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2020 Qualifying Times


 2020 EM Champs QTs


2020 DATES


Saturday 25th + Sunday 26th April
Corby East Midlands International Pool - 14/Under

Sunday 3rd May
Harvey Hadden Sports Village - 800m + 1500m - 11/Over

Saturday 9th + Sunday 10th May
Ponds Forge International Sports Centre - 15/Over



Weekend 1 (Corby)

Sprints/Distance (Sheffield)

Weekend 2 (Sheffield)




Weekend 1 (Sheffield)

Weekend 2 (Corby)

- Sprints/Distance (Sheffield)



Weekend 1 (Corby)

Weekend 2 (Sheffield)

- November Long Course Midlands (Nottingham)


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