Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club


Subscriptions are set yearly at the Annual General Meeting held in November and are payable the last two Mondays in January or the first Monday in February.  All members will be given a membership card showing the current year and their Club number.  Parents may become non-swimming members of the club for a small fee.  Any swimmer failing to renew their membership by 9.00 p.m. on first Monday in February will be deemed to have resigned.

Training fees are paid by standing order monthly.  The fees are decided by the WASC Committee annually.  It is the responsibility of the swimmer to ensure that their club number is recorded for the attendance register, either in the foyer or on the poolside. 

Any family who finds themselves in financial difficulties should speak to the Secretary or Treasurer.  WASC cannot guarantee to assist but a sub-committee or judiciary panel will consider any application on its merits.