Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Swim 21 at WASC

We achieved Swim 21 status on 14th May 2008.  We have tried here to give you all a brief explanation of the scheme, and how it affects Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club.

Swim 21 is a structured programme focused on the needs of the swimmer, and acts as a planning tool to access resources and provide appropriate opportunities for swimmers to help them achieve their full potential. It was established to encourage clubs to audit their strengths and weaknesses, to make a commitment to developing their services and to implement action plans to reach development targets.

Swimming Clubs such as WASC are an important part of the future success of swimming in this country. Swim 21 Accreditation provides the method for achieving this, establishing the seamless pathway of good practice along which young swimmers will travel to the highest levels possible.

It is structured around four levels: Teaching, Skill Development, Competitive Development and Performance.  WASC are accredited at the Skill Development level.

It has already had an effect on the general running of the club in many ways. It has made us prioritise and identify our own strengths and weaknesses and our  action plan enables us to set goals for the future. The programme has helped us help ourselves and is a blue print for ASA good practice.  Swim 21 is firmly on the agenda for each Committee meeting.

As a Swim 21 accredited club we are recognised as a quality club, not just within our local community but also on a National basis, raising the profile of the Club.

So, in a nutshell, Swim 21 is a “quality mark” that recognises clubs that are committed to providing a safe, effective and quality service The more we put into the process the more the members will gain from the programme.

If you have any questions or concerns about Swim 21 please do not hesitate to contact our Swim 21 Coordinator, or any member of the committee for information.