Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club


Each year a fixture list is produced by Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club and a copy is given to each member. The fixture list gives the date and name of each competition the club intend to take part in. It also gives the ages of the swimmers required for each competition. Please ensure that you keep your copy to hand. It is important that every member is aware of the opportunities for competition.

The Club aim to make good competition available to all swimmers. The Club will endeavour to give as many swimmers as possible, over the age of 9, the opportunity to experience competition against other clubs both in relays and, when age and ability permit, in individual events as part of a team.

Swimmers are expected to remain on the poolside with the team at galas and are not permitted to sit with parents in the spectator area. When the Club arrange a coach for transport to a gala, all swimmers should travel on the coach with the team. Parents are welcome to accompany the swimmers on the coach for a small charge.