Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club


The Team Managers select the team approximately two weeks before a gala. Team selection is made according to the strength of the other teams taking part and the need of each Wellingborough swimmer to gain experience. This will mean that some swimmers will attend competitions for relay events only. It takes some three hours to choose the swimmers based on their latest available times.

Tickets are produced and distributed to swimmers on the Monday evening before the gala or the previous Monday if possible. Swimmers should remember that some of the selected swimmers may be unable to swim and the Team Manager will have to contact a replacement swimmer at short notice. For this reason it is important that if a swimmer who has been chosen cannot attend a gala they contact the Team Manager IMMEDIATELY so that the replacement can be given as much notice as possible.

It is expected that every swimmer selected to swim for the Club will give priority to the Club over "social" events.

Most galas restrict the number of individual events any one swimmer can swim. Since it would be unfair to take an extra swimmer in each age group "just in case", every swimmer picked is essential to the team.

At some galas, if a swimmer is missing, the team are able to put a younger swimmer in to an older age group - this is known as "swimming up". This practice is avoided as much as possible because it puts a lot of pressure on the younger swimmer. However, in an emergency it can be done so that we do not have an event where our team is without a swimmer.

A team can never swim an older swimmer into a younger age group. So, an "over aged" swimmer cannot gain any points in a gala. The only reason for allowing an "over-aged" swimmer to swim is to allow that person the chance of gaining a time for a specific event or to make up the number so that the rest of the age group can take part in relay events. So, if you are in the youngest age group for a gala it is very important that you attend; no one can take your place and we will lose points for the individual races and the relays in your age group if you let us down.

At most galas the team is awarded 6 points for first place, 5 for second, etc. to 1 for last. In the case of an eight lane pool, the first will gain 8 points, 7 for second, etc. The team with the most points at the end is the winner of the gala.

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