Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

WASC Procedure for Trophy Control

1.   Purpose

1.1   To enable WASC to institute, award and manage all trophies.

2.   Scope

2.1   The procedure is for use by WASC Committee, the appointed Trophy Steward and trophy recipients.

2.2   The procedure applies to internal and external trophies.

3.   Definitions

3.1   Internal trophy:  A trophy instituted by and for use within WASC. Most internal trophies are classified  as ‘perpetual' and thus remain Club property.

3.2   External trophy: This is a trophy awarded to WASC . It may be retained on a temporary or permanent basis.

4.   Description

4.1   WASC Committee will review all applications from potential trophy donors /sponsors.

4.2   A register of  all trophies issued/awarded will be maintained.

4.3   All trophies, awarded and received, will attract the signature of the recipient in the trophy register. In the case of external trophies awarded to WASC, a club receipt with the Trophy Steward's or other WASC official's signature will be issued to the donor organisation (i.e. club, league etc.). A copy of the receipt will be kept with the trophy register/file. If the donor organisation issues a receipt form, a signed copy for WASC's retention will suffice.

4.4   Trophy recipients/guardians will use their best endeavours to ensure safety and security of the trophies. Damage, loss or theft is to be reported to the Trophy Steward and Secretary immediately, and in writing. Loss or theft shall also be reported to the Police.

4.5   All trophy recipients are to be made aware of this procedure.

4.6   The Trophy Steward will manage all aspects of trophy control including return, collection, repair, signatures and availability for presentation. All internal perpetual trophies shall be returned to WASC one month before the Club Championships, or on demand by the Committee.

4.7   The Club Treasurer and Trophy Steward will review and ensure an  adequate level of insurance for all trophies with due regard to keeper and location.

4.8   The Club Secretary and Trophy Steward will jointly review and identify trophy holders who rescind their club membership. All trophies will be returned to the Club before members depart.

4.9   Matters of trophy disposal or replacement will be decided by the Committee.