Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club

Some roles have a formal description, others just a brief idea. 

If you are interested in any role please speak to our Volunteer Co-ordinator or any member of the committee.  WASC welcomes and values volunteers, so much so that some stay long after their children have left the club.


In Brief...................Issue date January 2008

Club Chairperson

To chair the Club committee and guide the committee in reaching decisions to ensure the progress and smooth running of the Club.

Club Vice Chairperson

To support the Chairperson in guiding the committee in reaching decisions to ensure the progress and smooth running of the Club. To chair the Club committee in the absence of the Chairperson

Club Secretary

To ensure the smooth running of club administration.

Club Treasurer

To produce a budget and ensure the Club meets all financial statutory regulations.

Membership Secretary

Keep records of all members including learners and organise the start date and time for new starters.

Fixture Secretary

To ensure the smooth running of club competition events

Team Manager

To select teams for galas

Education & Development Officer

To source training opportunities for volunteers as required.

Schools Liaison Officer

To be the main link between the Club and local education establishments & organisations

Volunteer & Workforce Coordinator

Co-ordinating the work of volunteers within the club, encouraging more people to join the team.

Welfare Officer

To be responsible for the implementation of good practice and child protection policies within the club

Disability Liaison Officer

To be an adviser for the Club and athletes with disabilities

Press Officer

To provide copy for the local press

SwimMark Coordinator

To co-ordinate the implementation and development of the SwimMark initiative within the club.

Head Coach

To coach swimmers and prepare for competition. To set goals for swimmers and coaches and give advice and support, making optimum use of resources.

Squad Coach

Training the Club's swimmers to improve their technique and performance

Head Swim Teacher

To teach groups of learners how to swim and co-ordinate teachers for all lessons

Swim Teacher

To teach groups of learners how to swim

Lane Helper

To pass on the coach's instructions,  controlling a small group of swimmers

Gala Officials

TIMEKEEPER - Times swimmers at galas 
JUDGE - A qualified person who judges at galas
STARTER - A qualified person who starts the races in a gala
REFEREE - A qualified person who has overall control of the gala


ANNOUNCER - Make announcements at competitions
DRINKS PROVIDER – Makes drinks for gala officials and delivers them to volunteers 
ENTRANCE TABLE  - Takes entrance and raffle money at the door for galas
TEAM HELPER - Looks after swimmers on poolside & sends them up for events
GALA RECORDER - Records times at galas in order to produce results

WASC Championships

CHAMPIONSHIP COORDINATOR - Arranges for officials, medals, licensing etc.
CHAMPIONSHIP PHOTOGRAPHER - Takes, displays, & sells photos for WASC
CHAMPIONSHIPS RECORD SECRETARY - Checks records and arranges for certificates
COMPETITOR STEWARD  - Organises swimmers on poolside at galas


SE BADGE SECRETARY -  Ensures awards are available for swimmers.
CLUB NIGHT DOOR PERSON - Records Monday night swimmer attendance.
CLUB RECORDS SECRETARY - Checks records & issues certificates
CLUB RELAY RECORDS SECRETARY - Checks gala relays times for records
DASH ORGANISER - Arranges for timekeepers, starter & judge to be available
FUNDRAISING ORGANISER - Dreams up ideas and sees them through
HOME TROPHY GALA ORGANISER - Keeps track of  WASC gala trophies

NOTICE BOARD KEEPER - Keeps the notice board tidy and up to date
SPONSOR ORGANISER - Attracts Sponsors and keeps in touch with them
STOP WATCH MONITOR - Looks after the club's stop watches, renews batteries
TROPHY STEWARD - Keeps records of Championship trophies

Computer Related

SPORTSYSTEMS MANAGER - Produces championship programme from entries
 - Enters gala results onto computer on gala nights
WEBMASTER - Looks after the Club website

Specialist Roles

LAND TRAINER - A qualified person who takes Land Training for swimmers


SHOP ASSISTANT- Sells sweets on Club nights
SWIM SHOP ORGANISER – Orders stock and keeps accounts
SWIM SHOP ASSISTANT- Sells equipment and takes orders for swimwear on Club nights

Committee Member

Plays a part in running WASC - monthly meetings

For more information about roles see our roles in detail section.  For other roles or questions please use the contact form, email us or see a member of the committee.